About Me

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Thanks for taking the time to check me out!  I have been doing photography for most of my life, but quit my day job 8 years ago to make a living with my camera.  (Love to my husband here!  XOXO )  While I enjoy & do all types of photography, I started to focus on wedding photography about 3 years ago.   I knew from my first wedding, this was the type of photography I loved.

Just to make this bio as short & sweet as possible, here are some quick facts about me –

– Native Houstonian, but spent summers in the country.

  -Attended Sam Houston State and went dancing at the Jolly Fox every Tuesday and Thursday.  Loved it!

– I can sing along with just about any song that plays on the radio, and I do 98% of the time.

    – I have been very blessed in this life in so many different ways!

In addition to those personal facts, the most important one is – that I love what I do.   I work very hard for my clients to capture their special moments so they may enjoy them for years to come.

Now, I do not always shoot a straight shot, I may make a normal image look artistic, your image may have sunshine when we had rain, and I will probably add cute quotes to some of your images – so please look over my portfolio to see if my style of photography fits what you are looking for.

If  you have a specific style or look you want in your images, let’s talk about it!

Contact directly via email gina@shotsbygina.com or just give me a call (713) 828-6940.